Between Steve Francis, Redman And Trick Daddy im lightweight scared that I need to start taking care of myself.

I can’t go out like that in my 40s

These niggas been living too hard

When black cracks: a photoset

honestly by the time you hit thirty you need to be thinking about taking a good shit every day, getting enough sleep, taking multivamins, your cholesterol levels and wearing sun screen believe me your black will crumble by your forties if you don’t take care of yourself.

Yessss. Love your black. Treat it like it’s your significant other. Respect it and it will respect you.

Awwww shit, damn, was that really Redman?

I I’ll repeat what I said the first time I saw Redman the other night:

  • You cannot live off Ramen, Old English, and heroine.
  • Method Man (who looks great, I would even dare to say sexy) is one selfish ass nigga for not sharing his night cream and the number to his barber with Red. .
  • Dear Redman, Black n Milds are not a food group.